eBook Conversion

eBook conversion for Kindle and ePub readers

Kindle topics

Before you start – general topics

Recommended software: Free software for your project – text editors, conversion programs, photo editors, word processors and Kindle applications

eBooks: What works, what doesn’t: Is your project suited to the Kindle format?

Writing your book: The pros and cons of different word processors

Book covers: Technical specifications and opinions on book covers

Preparing your content for conversion

Book structure: How your book should be structured in your word processor and in HTML

Styles & Formatting and document conversion: Why you should use word processor styles for your book and how to convert it to HTML

Fixing common errors in your copy: Fixing common formatting and typographical errors


An introduction to HTML and CSS: What are HTML and CSS and why should you use them?

Converting your text to HTML: Methods for converting word processor files to HTML

CSS heading styles: Applying styles to your headings

CSS paragraph styles: Applying styles to your paragraphs

References and links: Citations, footnotes, endnotes, references and internal hyperlinks


Inserting images: Considerations and instructions for including artwork and photographs

Tables: How to add tables to your book

Fancy typography: Drop capitals and section dividers

Table of Contents: Considerations for automatically generated tables of contents

Images as chapter headings: Using images in chapter headings as an alternative to text

Converting to Kindle Format

Converting files with Calibre: How to convert to Kindle format with Calibre

Converting files with Mobipocket Creator: How to convert to Kindle format with Mobipocket Creator

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